I International Symposium on Modernization and Tradition in Language and Literature


The opening ceremony of the 1st International Symposium on Language and Literature Modernization and Tradition, bringing together scientists and experts around the world, took place at Karabük University in Turkey. The event, organized jointly by Karabük, International Sarajevo, International Balkan and Baku Eurasian Universities, as well as the Eurasian Institute of World Sciences will last 3 days.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the rector prof. Refik Polat thanked the rectors, pro-rectors and academic staff of the universities who contributed to the event. He said: We have received the greetings from our esteemed colleagues. I also send greetings to Sarajevo, Skopje, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and the Balkans through this conference .

Refik Polat expressed his desire for each academic staff to hold at least two conferences per year and to continue this tradition in international level. He emphasized the theme of the symposium: A very successful topic has been chosen. Although I am not very experienced in the field of literature, I can say a few words about the subject matter. If we listen to people who lived 100 years ago, we would not understand anything. And 100 years later, the next generation will not understand what we are talking about. That is why this topic will never lose its relevance.

Speaking at the event, pro-rector of the BAAU Gulzar Ibrahimova said: Language is the soul of the nation. One of the most important factors determining the identity of the people in the world is their language.

After the speeches, Rafik Polat presented a certificate of appreciation to the participants.