Book on philosophy by BAAU


In recent years, to build strong scientific environment in the higher education institutions and to create more opportunities for scientific researches has become actual. Developed countries have already created powerful brainstorming centers in the higher education institutions.

A number of works is being carried out in the Baku Eurasian University in the appropriate direction. A new success has been made in this field - book "Philosophy" by the rector of the Baku Eurasian University, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Nazim Huseynli and Dean of the "Regional Studies and Economics" faculty, PhD in philosophy, docent Mutallim Rahimov has been published. The topics are: the role and importance of philosophy in the science, history of development, various philosophical schools, philosophy of East and West, social philosophy, etc. Topics were widely covered and interpreted. The book is a good tutorial for high school students, teachers and philosophers.