Turkological research center

Turkological research center was founded in 1999 by the rector of BAAU, prof. Huseynli Nazim. The center, the first of its kind in Azerbaijan, conducts comprehensive researches about all directions of Turkology. It studies languages, history, literature, folklore, culture, and ethnology of people speaking Turkic languages and Turkic peoples in chronological and comparative context.


The researches covering various topics on Turkic nations were classified in the center. To analyze history, science, culture, art, traditions of the Turkic nations is the main mission of the center.

Glossaries containing explanation of phrases, terms, words and idioms in the Turkic dialects are also being compiled and translated in the center. Following books are being explored at present:

1. “Ottoman dynasty tombs” by Hakki Onal, 1992.

2. “Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian laws and Ammi Shaduga order” by Mebrure Tosun and Kadrije Yalvac, 2002.

3. “Turkish dialects glossary”, 1991.

4. “Altai Epics” by Ibrahim Dilek, 2007.

5. “Glossary of Ottoman historical idioms and terms” by Mehmet Zeki Pakal, 1993.

6. “Turkish dictionary” by Ali Puskuloglu, 2010.

7. “Glossary of philosophical terms” by Ahmet Cevizci, 2003.


1350 coded books (mostly in Turkish) are being kept in Turkish Hearth which operates under the center. The center provides a wide range of in-depth research in the field of Sumerologia. Nazim Huseynli’s long-term scientific researches are remarkable in this regard. His articles on the Sumerian civilization, books on lexical parallels are important sources.

The center contributes organization of joint events with participation of representatives of Turkic nations, as well as development of relations on science, culture, literature, art, etc.