Faculty of Philology

The Faculty of Philology has been operating since 1992 and prepares professional staff in all academic levels. The curriculum of the faculty contains social-political, scientific-technical, language and literature, literary translation, as well as other areas of the exercises.


The faculty has two departments: Philology of Turkish and foreign countries, Translation and practical languages. The departments give great contribution to promotion of Azerbaijani culture and literature, as well as translation of masterpieces of world literature into Azerbaijani.

The faculty is one of the constituent schools of BAAU. Main objective of the faculty is to train and educate its students in the academic study or practice in linguistics and philology. It actively cooperates with science, education and cultural institutions, and supports a variety of educational, research and cultural incentives.




- Azerbaijani Language and Literature

- English Language and Literature

- Turkish Language and Literature

- Translation (English)

- Translation (German)

- Translation (French)

- Translation (Arabic language)