Baku Eurasian University was founded by doctor of philological sciences, prof. Nazim Huseynli on April 30, 1992 under the name “High Diplomatic College”. The main goal of establishment of such type of college was to prepare specialists to work at the embassies in foreign countries and consular services, other representing structures and international organizations, diplomats, synchronous interpreters, journalists and lawyers, specialized experts of the western and eastern countries, including qualification of cadres operating in the diplomatic level and carrying out scientific research works as to the proper fields. 1992-1993 can be characterized as the period of preparation of admission of students, as well as setting effective activity of the university as a scientific-research center. Just in this period scientific researches were carried out in the university on the fields, being absolutely new for our Republic: researches on fundamental and applied problems of foreign policy and diplomacy; researches on studies of Azerbaijan; organize preparation of scientific publications; building up information system on the appropriate fields etc.

Taking into consideration the fact that High Diplomatic College ensured original unity of the experience of education and preparation of staff, possessing vast and fruitful set of international relations, possessing ability to ensure teaching process, guaranteeing high-quality methodic equipment, having potential of modern substantial-technical basis and progressive scientific-pedagogical specialists, as well as its graduates representing in local and international scene at the highest level the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan appealed to rename it as Baku Diplomatic University in 2005. So, High Diplomatic College was registered as Baku Diplomatic University since June 30, 2005 and it was registered under the name of Baku Eurasian University (BAAU) since May 26, 2006. At present it operates as Baku Eurasian University.


Preparation of specialists in the fields of international relations, international law, international journalism, international economic relations, synchrony translation (English, German, French, Arabic, Turkish), regional study (USA and Canada, European countries, Middle, Near and Far East countries) for the first time in the Republic is associated just by the name of High Diplomatic College.

Main objective of BAAU is to represent Azerbaijan’s education system and scientific potential successfully and prepare highly-educated specialists to meet requirements of modern standards. Specialist preparation experience based on the international training profile was one of the main directions for BAAU. To achieve this target BAAU built fruitful cooperation links on staff and student, as well as experience exchange with a number of institutions, syllabus and curriculum were compiled on the basis of international education standards. All these factors paved the way for BAAU to earn high status among the other universities.

Since the day of its existence BAAU realized management and organization of the education process based on scientific principles, far from the traditional stereotypes and distinguished by democracy. As a result of implementation of innovative educational programmes meeting both national and international requirements, even in the period when there was not enough public attitude understanding private education sector in our country, BAAU achieved to gain young people’s attention.


Education process in BAAU is being held on the principles of systematization, professionalism, nationality, internationality and socialization. At present 18 bachelors, 13 master degree majors are being held in two faculties. One, two, sometimes depending on students’ desire three foreign languages are taught in the University. Leading specialists of the country’s scientific communities and doctors of sciences have been involved in teaching process.

Scientific-research works are one of the BAAU’s main activity branches. The goal is to increase the quality of education and set up teaching process meeting modern standards. The results of these scientific-research works are being discussed in the various conferences and symposiums.

BAAU pays special attention to expand relations with the best universities, institutions and scientific centers of different countries. To set up best-performing education system using experience of leading universities, put forward successful initiatives, organize significant events BAAU cooperates with the higher education institutions of several countries such as Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Turkey Suleyman Demiral University, Girna American University, Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine, Corvinus University of Budapest and others. BAAU also cooperates with various international organizations, takes an active part in the work of international organizations, institutions, and contributes building cooperation in the fields of science and education, exchange of teachers and students, also experience, introducing new ideas and projects in the appropriate spheres, organizing joint events. BAAU cooperates with more than 50 universities, academies and higher education institutions of various countries in the fields of student, teacher, experience exchange, scientific and educational cooperation, journalism, management, computer engineering, language and implementation of joint projects, certificate programmes, cultural cooperation and others.


Activity of the Student Youth Organization has always been important for BAAU. Organization has taken a lot of initiatives and organized successful events. For this very reason BAAU’s Student Youth Organization has been awarded with the diploma as the most productive youth organization of 2014. BAAU’s SYO implemented a number of projects with the support of Youth Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.