Eurasian Youth Organization


Youth-Student Organization of the Baku Eurasian University has been operating since 2007. The organization was founded to ensure active participation of youth in all initiatives, help them enforce their rights, meet their needs, ensure their aspirations and interests, contribute intellectual development, as well as organize close cooperation between groups and departments. In order to solve issues related to education and the problems of the students, the organization operates in conjunction with government agencies, non-governmental and international organizations.




  1. to solve social problems of students;
  2. enlightenment measures;
  3. protect rights of students;
  4. organization of competitions, seminars, festivals, forums, meetings, exhibitions, round tables, training courses, debates, meetings with famous personalities;
  5. publication of magazines and newspapers containing information about socio-political, socio-economic and cultural life of the republic, as well as provide students with useful information;
  6. organization of clubs, circles, courses, trainings and other services in order to ensure the interests and aspirations of the students;
  7. carry out preventive measures against drug addiction, alcoholism, crime, immorality and other negative tendencies;
  8. getting information from the relevant departments and faculties about the attendance of enrolled students, observing discipline, security dormitory.

Membership in the organization, the rights and duties of members

- Students of the university should become a member of the organization;

- Membership is strictly voluntary;

- Management Board is responsible for the membership in the organization;

- Members of the organization have equal rights;

- Organization has several departments and clubs: Department of Science and Education, Club of patriots, Eurasia Reader Club, Molla Nasreddin Hearth, Club of Intellectual Games.