Library and information Centre


The main objective of the Library & Information Centre is to organize and make the documents available to the BAAU students. The mission is to serve BAAU students, faculty, and staff by providing access to the information resources needed to support and develop learning, teaching, and research at the Center.


Library is rich in limited edition books: “Dede Korkut” (1963), “Nazim Hikmat creativity” (1967-1968), Mahmud Kashgari “Divani lugati turk” (2006), “Azerbaijani Carpets: Tabriz Group” (2013), “Molla Nasraddin” (1988) and others.

The center has corners dedicated to the life and political activity of the national leader Heydar Aliyev and President Ilham Aliyev.


The Library and Information Center continues to keep pace with the developing electronic resources and programming technologies, recently implementing a new online catalog system, and planning for electronic document delivery to the desktop of Center employees.

BAAU library houses rich collections of books, journals, dissertations in various fields.